The First Slaves

Two galaxies will clash in the epic conclusion to the war for Zisaida.

A year after Fiona’s disappearance, Kurugar feels nowhere near to finding her. Scouring a foreign galaxy with Ralph and Anya as bounty hunters is proving to be more difficult than he thought, and their constant failure as a team limits their search to one solar system out of many. Kurugar’s luck seems to change when a dangerous opportunity to expand his search brings him face to face with a mysterious creature. A creature with the map to the hidden corners of the galaxy, and possibly, to the elusive First Slaves Fiona is after.

But this discovery reveals a harrowing secret. The Creators have gathered a powerful army, and it’s only a matter of time before they unleash a deadly blow on Earth. Kurugar must return to his own galaxy and warn them against the impending attack before it’s too late, but doing so means he would have to abandon Fiona forever, and he’s not prepared to do that just yet. 

The First Slaves is the last book in the Slaves of Zisaida trilogy: a riveting Science Fantasy saga about our galaxy’s war for survival against an intergalactic threat. If you’re a fan of StargateThe Atlantis Gene, and Battlestar Galactica, get on this thrill ride. Come for the Space Force, stay for the aliens.

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