Illustration made by Dieresis

“Meat is meat. Or did you think humans were made of something different?”

—Kurugar, The Lost Signal (Chapter 16)

Home: Area 85

Age: 30

Height: 7′

Weight: 400 lbs.

Species: Uruklu

First appearance: The Lost Signal, Chapter Two

Occupation: Monarch of Area 85

Likes: Red wine, the color white, order, quiet places and snacking on fingers.

Dislikes: Smalls spaces, nervous people and sitting around all day.

Background: Ever since he was born, Kurugar has been trained to be a ruthless monarch. He showed great potential by taking control of Area 85 when he was only 15 years old, but things are not what they seem. Little by little, Area 85 has been slipping away from his claws along with his grasp on reality.

Do you want to know which The Lost Signal character are you?

Read the full blurb here!

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