Illustration made by Dieresis

“No one should decide what others are supposed to be or not. I’m sure humans didn’t decide to be slaves.”

—Fiona, The Lost Signal (Chapter 8)

Home: The Village

Age: 22

Height: 4′ 11″

Weight: 100 lbs.

Species: Hybrid

First appearance: The Lost Signal, Chapter Two

Occupation: Huntress

Likes: Sunrises, the color red, trecking in forests, music, and Autumn.

Dislikes: her fellow villagers, bears, cruelty.

Background: Fiona was found by Ralph when she was 7. She had no memory of her past or who she was. Despite her strange appearance, Ralph’s father decided to raise her as his own against the villagers’ wishes. Fiona and Ralph grew up as brothers, and they inherited his father’s role as a hunters after his sudden death. Despite her contribution, the villagers never stopped hating her. They believe she’s cursed and that she’ll bring doom upon them one day. Ralph and his girlfriend are the only people who speak to her, but she’s about to leave them. Fiona yearns for a place where she can finally fit in.

Do you want to know which The Lost Signal character are you?

Read the full blurb here!

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