Ethan Fawkes

Illustration by Dieresis

“You know what this means, right? We can finally turn on those engines.”

—Ethan Fawkes, The Lost Signal (Chapter 13)

Home: Salt Lake Base

Age: 39

Height: 5′ 9″

Weight: 145 lbs.

Species: Human

First appearance: The Lost Signal, Chapter One

Occupation: Engineer for the U.S. Space Force

Likes: pasta, discovering something new, scotch, machines, and flawless designs.

Dislikes: large crowds, people interrupting his work.

Background: Ever since he was little, Ethan loved everything that had to do with science. Lucky for him, he also had the aptitude for it. His brilliant student career and his ideas made him famous across the country as one of the most intelligent people alive. While he was still a student, Ethan took a trip to the Atlantic to study magnetic anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle. It was during these studies that he stumbled upon a mysterious signal. After spending some time trying to decode it, he was able to send a message to whoever was on the other end. Two days later, he received an answer from an anonymous scientist. Both of them kept sending each other communications and became close friends.

Right after graduation, the government recruited Ethan as one of the first members of the U.S. Space Force. Ethan found himself in charge of the biggest laboratory the country could afford and all the greatest engineers to his disposition. He only had one directive: build the nation’s first combat spaceship. With the help of his anonymous collaborator, Ethan spent ten years building it. This would ultimately be the highlight of his career, but also its downfall.

During those ten years Ethan met his wife: Annabelle. Their marriage was cut short by her death during childbirth. He named the baby after the mother, and always takes her everywhere he goes. It’s not strange to find his daughter running around the base and getting into all kinds of mischief.

Do you want to know which The Lost Signal character are you?

Read the full blurb here!

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