Monica Beasley

Illustration made by Dieresis

“Who do I think I am? I’m fucking Captain Monica Beasley of the U.S. Space Force, and I’ve done worse things in my life than him! We all did! Or are we going to ignore that we almost obliterated a whole culture out of existence?”

—Monica Beasley, The Lost Signal (Chapter 7)

Age: 29

Home: Salt Lake Base

Height: 5′ 4″

Weight: 140 lbs.

Species: Human

First appearance: The Lost Signal, Chapter One

Occupation: Captain of the U.S. Space Force

Likes: keeping things in order, milkshakes, racing and bacon.

Dislikes: following orders.

Background:  Monica grew up on a small town in Arkansas. To escape the abuses of her mother, she always wandered around and spent most of her time looking for trouble. She made little to no effort in school , but still managed to be an average student. At the time, the United States was just starting a war with Japan. According to the news, the Japanese were responsible for several terrorist attacks on the nation. Wanting to escape her life and her mother while also making something out of herself, Monica joined the Air Force right after graduation where she served for eight years. Her unruly nature would always get her in trouble, but it was what led her to turn the war around.

When her lieutenant ordered her to kill a Japanese boy, Monica refused. Instead, she switched sides, refusing to take the lives of innocent bystanders. This inspired her squadron to also switch sides and discover the war was not what it seemed. The United States government made the terrorist attacks to have an excuse to invade Japan. Monica and her squadron fought with the remaining Japanese army to keep the citizens of Okinawa safe, killing American soldiers in the process.

Their actions got the right attention of the public, and the United Nations denounced the United States actions. The Armed Forces seized the American government to stop the war. Monica and her squadron were recognized as heros, and the public started calling them the Okinawa Six. Because they had killed fellow soldiers, the new government couldn’t reward their actions. Instead, they transferred Monica and her squadron to the Space Force (a fake organization made up to distract the public from the Japanese Holocaust) and promoted Monica to Captain.

Their task was to spend two years dismantling the last Space Force base and retire out of the Armed Forces. Now, Monica is a week away from this retirement. Felling deceived by the country she once vowed to protect, she can’t wait for her retirement and be able live a normal life.

Do you want to know which The Lost Signal character are you?

Read the full blurb here!

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